About us

Inner Mongolia Rational Industry Limited

Inner Mongolia Rational Industry Limited(IMRI)is an anti-corrosive coating and seamless steel pipe supplier. We have two production lines for steel pipe external coating, one production line for steel pipe internal coating and one production line for insulating tubes. We mainly do accessory processing for Baotou Steel.

Major Products

Seamless Pipe
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Tubing  & Casing Pipe
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Coating Pipeline
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Heavy Rail
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Why Choose Us

  • Top3 factory direct sales represent better products and lower prices
  • More than 15 years of industry experience, focusing on energy engineering projects
  • Products with common specifications are in stock and can be delivered in short time
  • Sufficient financial and organizational capacity to participate in large international projects directly
  • The team is full of passion, quick response ability and efficient work to ensure that customers enjoy better service and support

3PE coated pipe performance

API 5CT P110 casing pipe project