Inner Mongolia Rational Industry Limited

Inner Mongolia Rational Industry Limited(IMRI)is a supplier of anti-corrosion coating and seamless steel pipes. We have two production lines for external anti-corrosive coating one production line for internal coating and one production line for insulating tubes.We mainly engage in accessory processing for Baotou Steel which is the top 3 seamless pipe manufacturer in China.

product list

Liquid Epoxy Coating

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Liquid Epoxy Coating Use:Suitable for conveying underground water, gas and oil, and pipes in such places with low acid, alkali, salt product details Brand: Baotou Steel Origin: Baotou Product name :Liquid Epoxy…
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FBE Coating

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FBE coating Pipe Use:Widely used in long-distance anti-corrosion pipelines on land and underwater. product details Brand: Baotou Steel Origin: Baotou Product name :FBE coating Pipe FBE coating material is thermosetting material, it…
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high density polyethylene

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high density polyethylene Use:Suitable for the underground water supply and drainage in coal mines, downhole shotcrete, ventilation of positive negative pressure ventilation, waste residue of process water, backwater and long-distance underground pipelines for oil, water, and gas, etc….
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Rail A Premier Low Cost Domestic Manufacturer Of SS Tubing & Parts. Request A Quote!
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Coating Pipeline

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Coating Pipeline A pipeline coating is a cost effective and viable solution to maintain pipelines’ integrity. This coating provides a constant protective lining that helps save pipelines from the damaging…
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seamless tube

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seamless tube IMRI holds a broad variety of welded tubes and seamless pipes in different grades and dimensions in stock for its customers. Our relationships with many local and world…
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Railway Parts

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Railway Parts Rail clips, shaped like a stubby paperclip, is a kind of rail fastening system. A variety of different types of heavy-duty steel elastic clips are used to fasten…
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H beam

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H beam H-beams can be used for spans up to 330 feet. H sections are designed to take axial forces, as columns or piles. We can produce various specifications of…
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