Rail for railway

Steel rails are mainly used on railways and, in cooperation with switches, enable trains to walk without turning.A railway track usually consists of two parallel rails.Fastening by rail support, fastener, rail press, track splint, strip, railway spike and other railway accessories.IMRI is a professional steel rail supplier who can provide you heavy rails and light rails of different steel grades,sizes and lengths at a competitive price.


StandardGB 2585
Type of Rial38kg/m rails, 43kg/m rails,50kg/m rails,60kg/m rails,75kg/m rails
Weight38kg/m, 43kg/m,50kg/m,60kg/m,75kg/m
FastennersWe can supply Joint bar,Rail anchor,spike&bolt,and other OEM products
TechniqueHot Rolled
ApplicationRailway rail
Train speed160km/h
ProcessingDrill hole according to your requirement
Place of OriginChina
Transportation1.Sea port:Tianjin Xingang port,Qingdao port,Shanghai Luojing port
→America,Europe,Africa,Middle East,India, Pakistan,Japan,Korea,
Australia…(shipping)2.Land port:Alataw pass port(Пограничный пункт “Алашанькоу”)
Khorgos port(Пограничный пункт “Хоргос”)
→East Asia, Uzbekistan,Kazakhstan,Kyrgyzstan…(Train)
Erlianhot port→Mongolia(Train and Truck)
Manchuria port→Russia(Train and Truck)