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Specialized in Seamless pipes, OCTG, Anti-corrosion pipes, Plates, Rail, NdFeB magnet, REO ,Kaolin etc

Inner Mongolia Rational Industry Limited
Our company is a coating steel pipes manufacturer and distributor of Inner Mongolia Baotou steel Union Co.,Ltd. The main products are seamless steel pipe, coating steel pipe, gas cylinder steel tube, hydraulic pillar steel tube, axle tube, alloy tube, petroleum tubing & casing, steel plate, wire steel, shape steel, railway track,NdFeB magnet,Kaolin,etc. For more than 10 years, IMRI has been dealing with steel pipes and related industry, we have cooperated with big companies like SONATRACH, BP, OGDCL, MRC, OXY, PDVISA, OMAN, LUK OIL, SHELL, ITOCHU, BASF and got good reputation among industry. From pre-sales expertise through purchasing advice and after-sales service, our team can provide a full service for your customized steel pipe and project needs. We set up a complete quality control system to ensure each of IMRI’s products is manufactured under strict standards, from material selection to in-production quality control and final inspection. Cooperate with IMRI to win the project with IMRI’s affordable steel pipe products and customized service !        Know More About IMRI

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What is the seamless pipe?

Seamless tube, as the name suggests, is a long tube without any seams, seamless tube is a kind of hollow cross section, no joints around the long steel.  The world’s production of seamless pipe has a total of more than 110 countries more than 1850 companies under the more than 5100 production plants, including the production of oil pipelines have 44 countries more than 170 companies under the more than 260 plants.  

What is seamless tube used for?

Seamless steel tubes are widely used.  General purpose seamless steel tubes are rolled from common carbon structural steels, low alloy structural steels or alloy structural steels to achieve the highest yield and are mainly used as conduits or structural parts for fluid delivery.  2, according to different uses divided into three types of supply: a, according to the chemical composition and mechanical properties supply;  B. Supply according to mechanical properties;  C. Supply according to hydraulic test.  Steel tubes supplied under Class A and B, if used to withstand liquid pressure, shall also be hydro-tested.  3, special purpose seamless pipe with boiler seamless pipe, chemical power, geological seamless steel pipe and petroleum seamless pipe and other kinds of.  

What is the difference between welded and seamless tubing?

The way to distinguish between seamless and welded pipe is to watch whether there are weld marks on the end.  If it is a seamless pipe, it can be seen that there is no weld meat inside and outside the pipe. And even if the welded pipe has been machined after welding, it is easy to observe the weld seam inside the pipe.  If there is a weld in the broken part of the pipe, either inside or outside the pipe, then it is a welded pipe

Seamless tube manufacturing process

Seamless steel tube production methods, roughly divided into cross rolling method (Menesmann method) and extrusion method.  The cross rolling method (Menesmann method) is to perforate the tube embryo with a diagonal roll and then extend it with a rolling mill.  This method is suitable for the production of carbon steel and low alloy steel tubes because of its fast production speed and high requirements for the machinability of tube billet.  




Inner Mongolia Rational Industry Limited is dedicated to promote anti-corrosion steel pipes and seamless steel pipes, oil well steel pipes, steel rails and other steel pipe products to the world. We believe our professionalism would make services more efficient and better than you expect !

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