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More than 10 years coating production experience

HDPE / 3LPE / 3LPP / FBE / 2FBE / Epoxy Coating / PU insulation / special purpose coating... You can get the best anti-corrosion products and solutions

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Delivering high quality iron rail for durable railway applications

One of the three major rail manufacturers in China High-speed rail and urban transit rail, more than half of the rail market share

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Specialized in steel & alloy pipes, tubing & casing, anti-corrosion pipes, plates, sheets, NdFeB magnet, REO etc

Inner Mongolia Rational Industry Limited

Our company is a coating steel pipes manufacturer and distributor of Inner Mongolia Baotou steel Union Co.,Ltd. The main products are seamless steel pipe, coating steel pipe, gas cylinder steel tube, hydraulic pillar steel tube, axle tube, alloy tube, petroleum tubing & casing, steel plate, wire steel, shape steel, railway track,etc.

For more than 10 years, IMRI has been dealing with steel pipes and related industry, we have cooperated with big companies like SONATRACH, BP, OGDCL, MRC, OXY, PDVISA, OMAN, LUK OIL, SHELL, ITOCHU, BASF and got good reputation among industry. From pre-sales expertise through purchasing advice and after-sales service, our team can provide a full service for your customized steel pipe and project needs.

We set up a complete quality control system to ensure each of IMRI’s products is manufactured under strict standards, from material selection to in-production quality control and final inspection. Cooperate with IMRI to win the project with IMRI’s affordable steel pipe products and customized service ! Know More About IMRI

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