API 5CT P110 casing pipe project

Standard: API 5CT 10th edition

Specs: 7’’ 29PPF (177.8*10.36)

Casing Thread: BTC

Quantity: 3680 meter

Destination country: Belarus

Time: 2023

IMRISTEEL not only offers OCTG casing pipes that comply with API 5CT standards, but also provides casing pipes with significantly higher properties than specified by API 5CT. Due to the abundance of rare earth elements in the raw ore from Bayan Obo Mining District, our casing pipes exhibit superior properties compared to those made from ordinary raw materials. It took us about 2 months for the initial technical communication with Belarus client, while during this period, the price rises a lot. But considering this client is Belarus biggest state-owned oil production company, we kept the offer we made 2 months ago and signed the contract, even though we were at risk of losing money. Our client requested fast delivery within 30 days, at that time, factory received lots of orders, production line was at full capacity, all orders needed to be scheduled for production; however, we managed to deliver these casing pipes within just 15 days. After receiving casing pipes, our client technical team conducted comprehensive laboratory tests on the geometry, chemical composition, strength group classification, yield strength, hydraulic performance, and physical properties of our casing pipes—all of which exceeded the specifications outlined in API 5CT 10th edition. Now a substantial quantity of our high-quality casing pipes has been successfully put into use in oil wells. By now we have established long-term business partnerships with numerous oilfield equipment companies and national petroleum exploitation companies.