What is the difference between carbon steel pipe and seamless steel pipe

  1. Different in nature
  2. Carbon steel pipe: It is made of steel ingot or solid round steel through perforation, and then hot rolled, cold rolled or cold drawn.
  3. Seamless steel pipe: a steel pipe made of a single piece of metal with no seams on the surface.

Two, different characteristics

  1. Carbon steel pipe: Carbon steel pipe is divided into two types: hot-rolled and cold-rolled (drawn) steel pipes. Hot-rolled carbon steel pipes are divided into general steel pipes, low and medium pressure boiler steel pipes, high pressure boiler steel pipes, alloy steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, petroleum cracking pipes, geological steel pipes and other steel pipes.
  2. Seamless steel pipes: According to the production method, seamless pipes are divided into hot-rolled pipes, cold-rolled pipes, cold-drawn pipes, extruded pipes, and jacking pipes. According to the cross-sectional shape, seamless steel tubes are divided into two types: round and special-shaped, and special-shaped tubes have various complex shapes such as square, oval, triangular, hexagonal, melon-shaped, star-shaped, and finned tubes. The maximum diameter is up to 650mm and the minimum diameter is 0.3mm.
  3. Different applications
  4. Carbon steel pipe: Carbon steel pipe plays an important role in my country’s steel pipe industry.
  5. Seamless steel pipes: seamless steel pipes are mainly used as petroleum geological drilling pipes, cracking pipes for petrochemical industry, boiler pipes, bearing pipes, and high-precision structural steel pipes for automobiles, tractors, and aviation.

Extended information:

Compared with solid steel such as round steel, seamless steel pipe is lighter in weight when the bending and torsional strength is the same. It is an economical section steel and is widely used in the manufacture of structural parts and mechanical parts, such as oil drill pipes and automobile drive shafts. , bicycle racks and steel scaffolding used in building construction, etc.

The use of seamless steel pipes to manufacture ring parts can improve material utilization, simplify manufacturing processes, save materials and processing man-hours, such as rolling bearing rings, jack sets, etc., are widely used in steel pipes. Steel pipe is also an indispensable material for various conventional weapons, and barrels, barrels, etc. must be made of steel pipes. Steel pipes can be divided into round pipes and special-shaped pipes according to the shape of the cross-sectional area.

Due to the condition that the circumference is equal, the area of the circle is the largest, and more fluid can be transported with a circular tube. In addition, when the ring section is subjected to internal or external radial pressure, the force is relatively uniform, so most steel pipes are round pipes.

However, round pipes also have certain limitations. For example, under the condition of plane bending, round pipes are not as strong as square and rectangular pipes in bending strength. Some agricultural machinery skeletons, steel and wood furniture, etc. often use square and rectangular pipes. According to different purposes, special-shaped steel pipes with other cross-sectional shapes are also required.