Casing pipe

Product use: the oil casing is used to support the oil and gas well wall steel pipe, to ensure the drilling process and the normal operation of the whole oil well after completion.  Several layers of casing are used for each well, depending on the drilling depth and geology.  Cement is used for cementing after casing well. Unlike tubing and drill pipe, cement can not be reused and belongs to disposable consumption material.  As a result, casing consumption accounts for more than 70% of all well tubing.

What Does Casing Pipe Mean?

A casing pipe is a hollow steel tube that is typically rammed into place through the earth by using a hydraulic or pneumatic jack. After being driven, the displaced soil is removed and the product pipe, or carrier pipe, is inserted inside the steel tube.
Casing pipe may also be simply referred to as casing or encasement pipe.

Uses for Casing Pipe

Casing pipe is most often used for underground boring to encase and protect pipe. During horizontal underground boring projects under streets, highways, railroads, rivers, and streams, steel casing pipe can be jacked in segments into an augured hole. The casing pipe segments are then connected together by welding or by using special connections. Another commonly used practice for installing casing pipe is to weld the pipe into a ribbon and then to pull the pipe directionally through a previously drilled hole. This can be used to install casing pipe under highways, railroads, lakes, and rivers.

Casing pipe is most often used to protect underground utility lines including water mains, electrical high-voltage lines, natural gas lines, telephone lines, and fiber-optic communication lines. This steel casing protects lines from human activity such as drilling or digging as well as from natural elements. The strength of the steel is a major advantage to the protection of these lines.

Because steel casing pipe is extremely durable and available in a variety of sizes, this pipe can also be used in a variety of other applications. Casing pipe can be used for:

  • Road Bore Casing
  • Water Well Casing
  • Culverts Casing
  • Open Cut Casing
  • Oil and Gas Transmission Pipeline Casing
  • Drilling Casing – Surface Casing – Rathole Casing
  • Tunnel Casing