Located in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, the richest place of rare earths and mineral resources, IMRISTEEL is a manufacturer of anti-corrosion coating products, and also a supplier of steel products and rare earths products. IMRISTEEL has established a deeply cooperative relation with Baotou Steel since 2016, has supplied anti-corrosion processing for Baotou Steel and has expanded the international market for Baotou Steel as a distributor. Our products are 3LPE, 3LPP, FBE and other functional anti-corrosion coating; seamless steel tube, OCTG casing & tubing pipe, gas cylinder tube, alloy tube, hydraulic pillar tube, steel rail, steel plate, steel coil, section steel, billet and other steel products; NdFeB magnetic materials, rare earths oxide products, as well as pipe fittings and coated pipe fittings for the projects. If you are interested in our products, welcome to email sales@imristeel.com. We will provide you cost-effective products, efficient and professional services.