Company Profile

Inner Mongolia Rational Industry Limited(IMRI) is a professional manufacturer and supplier of anti-corrosion coating and seamless steel pipes. We have two production lines for external anti-corrosive coating, one production line for internal coating and one production line for insulating tubes. We mainly engage in accessory processing for Baotou Steel which is the top 3 seamless pipe manufacturer in China.At the same time, IMRI is the first distributor of Baotou Steel’s steel products.We have established a long-term strategic co-operation relationship with Baotou Steel.

Core members of our team have more than 10 years’ experience in the field of anti-corrosive coating production as well as anti-corrosive equipment designing. They are familiar with the purchasing requirements on anti-corrosion coating and steel pipes from international major oil companies. They also have supply experience for such companies like SONATRACH, BP, OGDCL, MRC, OXY, PDVISA, OMAN, LUK OIL, SHELL, ITOCHU, and BASF, etc.

IMRI specializes in the process of internal and external coatings of pipes, including 3LPE, 3LPP, FBE, and insulating tubes, etc. Our company is an agent of Inner Mongolia Baotou steel Union Co., Ltd. The main products are seamless pipes, gas cylinder tubes, oil casing, hydraulic pillar tubes, alloy tubes, steel plates, wire rod coils, shape steels, and rail steels, etc.

Founded in 1954, Baotou Steel is one of the steel companies who has the most complete industrial chain in China. It can produce 17 million tons of steel per year. It is a large integrated enterprise with iron ore, rare-earth ore, smelting, casting, rolling, pipe processing, testing, researching and transportation. Baotou Steel is a seamless pipe manufacturer with the most complete varieties and specifications in China whose annual output is 1.8 million tons. There are 5 production lines for seamless pipes in Baotou Steel. Among which, 2 PQF production lines are the most advanced in the world, and 1 MPM two-roll continuous rolling automatic production line is included.

Combining its own advantage of coating technology with Baotou Steel’s advantages of products diversification, excellent quality, and low cost, IMRI can really achieve one-stop supply of anti-corrosive steel pipes. Be diligent and do better than you expect.