Petroleum pipes are mainly used for the drilling of oil and gas wells and the transportation of oil and gas. It includes oil drill pipe, oil casing pipe and tubing pipe. The oil drill pipe is mainly used to connect the drill collar and the drill bit, and transmit the drilling power. Petroleum casing is mainly used to support the well wall in the process of drilling and after completion, so as to ensure the normal operation of the whole oil well. The tubing mainly transports the oil and gas at the bottom of the well to the surface. Baotou Steel has 5 oil casing and tubing processing lines, which can provide LTC, STC, BTC and other common types of oil casing and tubing, as well as special types of oil casing and tubing such as OTTM, with an annual capacity of 400000 tons. It is a shortlisted supplier of CNPC, SINOPEC and other large international oil and gas companies, and its products are sold all over the world. Please contact [email protected] for a quotation.