EN 13674 is the widely used standard of the world for the supply of railway rails. UIC 54/54E1 and UIC60/60E1 are the most common specifications. IMRISTEEL is the first-class distributor of Baotou Steel, whose railway rails account for more than 70% share in China. The quality is absolutely the best around the world. More importantly, the price is lower than that of you directly buy from the factory. Welcome to contact [email protected] if you have any needs or questions.


Standard BS, EN13674-1
Grade/Material 900A/1100/R260
Model Number UIC54/54E1
Weight 54.77kg/m
Length 6m-30m
Packing Bundling
Fastening We can supply Joint bar,Rail anchor,spike&bolt,and other OEM products
Technique Hot Rolled
Application Railway rail
Train speed 200km/h
Processing Drill hole according to your requirement
Place of Origin China
MOQ 400tons
Transportation 1.Sea port:Tianjin Xingang port,Qingdao port,Shanghai Luojing port
→America,Europe,Africa,Middle East,India, Pakistan,Japan,Korea,

2.Land port:Alataw pass port(Пограничный пункт “Алашанькоу”)
Khorgos port(Пограничный пункт “Хоргос”)
→East Asia, Uzbekistan,Kazakhstan,Kyrgyzstan…(Train)
Erlianhot port→Mongolia(Train and Truck)
Manchuria port→Russia(Train and Truck)

UIC54 UIC54E1 steel railway rail for train

EN13674-1 standard rail
Type Diameter (mm) Unit weight (kg/m) Material
H.W (mm) H (mm) B.W (mm) W.T (mm)
UIC54 70 159 140 16 54.43 900A/1100
54E1 70 159 140 16 54.43 R260
900A Chemical composition(%)
C Si Mn S P
0.6-0.8 0.1-0.5 0.8-1.3 ≤0.04 ≤0.04
900A Mechanical property
Yield strength Tensile strength Elongation Hardness
MPa kg/mm² MPa kg/mm² min HB
460 880min 10% 260

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