Tubing pipe& Casing pipes

Casing pipes are large scaled pipes which are used in drilling wells to extract petroleum, natural gas, hot water, vapour, groundwaters, salt and similar solid materials stored underground.
Tubing pipes are smaller scalled pipes also called production pipes which are take down the well in casing pipes when reach to the stored materials which targeted to bring to surface. 

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Oil Casing Pipe
Oil Casing Pipe

Oil Casing Pipe

The oil casing is a steel tube used to support the well wall of oil and gas Wells to ensure the normal operation of the whole well during the drilling process and after completion. Several layers of casing are used for each well, depending on the drilling depth and geology. Casing pipe is used for protection after descending the well. Unlike tubing and drilling pipe, Casing pipe can not be reused and belongs to disposable consumption material. As a result, casing consumption accounts for more than 70% of all well tubing.

Tubing pipe

The special oil pipe is mainly used for the drilling of oil and gas wells and the transportation of oil and gas. It includes oil drilling pipes, oil casings, and oil sucking pipes. Oil drill pipes are mainly used to connect drill collars and drill bits and transmit drilling power. The oil casing is mainly used to support the well wall during the drilling process and after the well completion, so as to ensure the drilling process and the normal operation of the entire oil well after the well completion. The oil pipe mainly transports the oil and gas at the bottom of the oil well to the surface.

Tubing pipe
Commodity NameCasing and Tubing API 5CT API 5B Grade J55 K55 N80 Oil Casing Pipe
StandardAPI 5CT API 5B
GradeJ55 K55 N80 
OD 114.3mm~406.4mm
TechnologyHot Rolled

Casing pipe specifications:

size:4-1/2 5 5-1/2 6-5/8 7 7-5/8 7-3/4 8-5/8 9-5/8 10-3/4 11-3/4 13- 3/8 16
Material :J55/K55 M65 L80/C95 N80 C90/T95 P110 Q125

Tubing specifications:

size:1 1.900 2.063 2-3/8 2-7/8 3-1/2 4 4-1/2
Material :J55/K55 M65 L80/C95 N80 C90/T95 P110 Q125