• Super quality PEpolyethylene tape for underground pipeline coating

PE/polyethylene tapes for underground steel pipe coating IMRI supplies have the advantages of excellent adhesion to pipe and self,long term corrosion protection , Resistant to UV,high chemical resistance under service temperature,outstanding electric property and permanent adhesion,cold applied, no release liner,makes installation fast and easy.


Propoerty Typical Value Test Method
Tensile Strength 200MPa(2900psi) ASTM D-638
Elongation at Break 550% ASTM D-638
Spesific Gravity 0.95 ASTM D-792
Hardness,Shore D 48 ASTM D-2240
Dielectric Strength 20kv/mm ASTM D-149
Water Absorption 0.05% ASTM D-570
Shrink Force 240KPA(35psi) ASTM D-638
Volume Resistivity 1.0*1016ohm.cm ASTM D-257
Propoerty Typical Value Test Method
Softening Point 85 ℃ ASTM E-28
Lap Shear 40psi ASTM D-1002
Heat Shrinkable Tape
Propoerty Typical Value Test Method
Peel to Steel 35N/cm ASTM D-4541
Low Temperature Flexibility -20℃ ASTM D-2671
Cathodic Disbondment 10mm radius ASTM G8,30days,@23℃
Impact Resistance Pass DIN EN12068
Indentation Resistance Pass DIN EN12068
Dielectric Breakdown 35kv ASTM D-149
Tape Thickness 2.0cm,2.2cm,2.5cm,2.9cm or others
Tape Width 450mm,600mm,900mm or others

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