• Multipurpose high purity Baotou rare earth oxide cerium oxide

Cerium oxide is used as additive in glass industry, as grinding material for plate glass, and can also be used as anti-ultraviolet in cosmetics.At present, it has been expanded to the grinding of glasses, optical lenses and picture tubes for decolorization, clarification, absorption of ultraviolet rays of glass and electronic wires.


Chemical formula CeO2
Specification(%) CeO2/TREO≥95~99.99
Molecular weight 172.11
Melting point 1950℃
Boiling point 3500℃
Water soluble Insoluble in water and base, slightly soluble in acid
Density 7.13g/cm3
Appearance characteristics Light yellow powder
Application Used as polishing materials, catalysts, catalyst support (auxiliary), uv absorber, fuel cell electrolyte, automotive exhaust absorber, electronic ceramics, etc.

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