• Manufacturer direct supply various kinds of heavy steel plate for different usages

Steel plate is flat – shaped rectangular steel cast with molten steel, then cooled and pressed. It can directly rolled or cut from a wide strip of steel. We can produce heavy plate for different usage in various standard and specifications.


Heavy plate products summary
No. Plate Name Steel Grade Size(H*W*L,mm)
1 High quality carbon structural steel 45#,50# 5.0~180×1,200~3600x 3,000~18.000
2 ship building plate A,B, D, E, A32, A36 50~40×1,200~3600×3,000~18,000
3 Carbon structural steel Q235,Q255,Q275、SS400,SS540 50~100×1,200~3600×3000~18000
4 Low alloy high strength steel Q345,Q390,Q420    SM520 5.0~100×1200~3,600×3,000~18,000
5 Structural steel for bridge Q345q, Q370g, Q420q 5.0~100×1200~3,600×3,000~18,000
6 Building structural plate Q345GJ Q390GJ Q420GJ 5.0~100×1200~3,600×3,000~18,000
7 boiler and pressure vessel steel Q245,RQ345,Q370R, 16MnDR,09MnNiDR 5.0~50×1.200~3,600×3,000-18,000
8 wear-resisting steel NM400, NM450 5.0~40×1,200~3600×3000~18000
9 engineering machinery steel Grade50,60,65,Q460,Q550,0690,Q890,Q960 60~50×1,200~3,200×6000~18,000
10 pipeline steel X60,X65,X70 10~26×1,200~3200×6.000~18000
11 Thickness directional performance steel Z15、Z25、Z35 30~110×1,200~3200×6,000~18000

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