• Manufacturer direct supply multipurpose hot melt adhesive granules

Equipped with environmentally friendly and fast curing characteristics, hot melt adhesive granules can be used with automatic equipment for box sealing,straw attaching,beverage,steel pipe coating and bookbinding automatic production lines.And also it is widely used in manual packing market ,such as carton and colored box,etc.Hot melt adhesive granules have good performances for bonding laminated materials, stable performance in temperature difference and low temperature condition.


Item Inspection methods Inspection results Technical requirements Conclusion
density      g/cm3 GB/T 4472-2011 0.941 0.920-0.950 Qualified
Melt flow rate   g/10min   (190℃,2.16kg) GB/T 3682-2000 1.438 ≥0.7 Qualified
Soften the vica(A50)   ℃ GB/T1633-2000 105 ≥90 Qualified
Embrittlement temperature    ℃ GB/T5470-2008 -50℃ no damage ≤-50 Qualified
Tensile strength     Mpa GB/T1040.2-2006 21 ≥17 Qualified
Fracture nominal strain       % GB/T1040.2-2006 742 ≥600 Qualified
Oxidation induction period(200℃)    min GB/T23257-2017 Appendix F Qualified
Moisture content    % GB/T23257-2017 Appendix G HG/T2751-1996 0.06 ≤0.1 Qualified
Melting point     ℃ ISO11357-3:2001 131.28

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