• Inner Mongolia good price rare earth oxide praseodymium oxide

Praseodymium oxide is one of the important light rare earth products.Because of its unique physical and chemical properties, it has been widely used in the fields of ceramics, glass, rare earth permanent magnet, rare earth cracking catalyst, rare earth polishing powder, grinding materials and additives.


Chemical formula Pr6O11
Specification(%) TREO≥98~99  Pr6O11/TREO≥90~99.9
Molecular weight 1021.4415
Melting point 2042℃
HS code 2846901700
Water soluble Insoluble in water, soluble in inorganic acids.
Density 6.88g/cm3
Appearance characteristics Dark brown powder
Application Used in glass, ceramics, metal praseodymium, magnetic materials, making metal praseodymium.

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