• GOST R 51685-2000 P50 P65 P70 train rail railway track materials

Railway rail is made of carbon – killed steel smelted by open – hearth and oxygen converter.Its purpose is to bear the running pressure and impact load of locomotive and vehicle.Each country in the world has its own standards for the production of rails, and the classification methods are not the same.GOST R 51685-2000 standard train rail is widely used in many countries.


Standard GOST R 51685-2000
Grade/Material M76T,K76T,M76,K76
Model Number P50,P65,P65K,P75
Weight 51.8kg/m,64.88kg/m,64.67kg/m,74.6kg/m
Length 6m-25m
Packing Bundling
Fastening We can supply Joint bar,Rail anchor,spike&bolt,and other OEM products
Technique Hot Rolled
Application Railway rail
Train speed 200km/h
Processing Drill hole according to your requirement
Place of Origin China
MOQ 400tons
Transportation 1.Sea port:Tianjin Xingang port,Qingdao port,Shanghai Luojing port
→America,Europe,Africa,Middle East,India, Pakistan,Japan,Korea,

2.Land port:Alataw pass port(Пограничный пункт “Алашанькоу”)
Khorgos port(Пограничный пункт “Хоргос”)
→East Asia, Uzbekistan,Kazakhstan,Kyrgyzstan…(Train)
Erlianhot port→Mongolia(Train and Truck)
Manchuria port→Russia(Train and Truck)

Name of cross-sectional dimension Value of demensions for different rail types
P50 P65 P65K P75
Rail height 152 180 181 192
Web height 83 105 105 104.4
Head width 72 75 75 75
Foot width 132 150 150 150
Web thickness 16 18 18 20
Point height 10.5 11.2 11.2 13.5
Theoretical linear weight of 1m of rail
Type P50 P65 P65K P75
kg/m 51.8 64.88 64.67 74.6

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