• free sample high barrier packing material KURARAY EVAL EVOH F171B resin granules


Packaging field : composite film made from EVOH, can be applied in all hard and soft packaging as intermediate barrier layer. In food industry, it can be used as aseptic packaging for hot cans and cooking bags, dairy products, meat, canned juices and condiments, etc; in non-food industry, used to packaging solvents, chemicals, air conditioning components, gasoline drum lining, electronic components, etc. EVOH products can not only be used in film production, but also can be widely used in soft packaging of cosmetics, floor heating pipes, jelly cups and pesticide COEX bottles, etc.

As a non-toxic and environment-friendly material, EVOH can not only improve people’s life quality, but also play an important role in environmental protection.

We can provide you with free sample for your test, please feel free to contact me if you have any purchasing need.

Technical Data Sheet
32 mol% Ethylene-Vinyl Alcohol Copolymer
Typical Properties Unit Test Method Metric/(English)
MFR g/10min ISO1133 (190°C) 1.6
Density 10³ kg/m³ ISO1183-3 1.19
Thermal Properties Unit Test Method Metric/(English)
Melting Temperature °C (°F) ISO 11357 183 (361)
Crystalization Temperature °C (°F) ISO 11357 158 (316)
Glass Transition Point °C (°F) ISO 11357 60 (140)
Vicat Softening Point °C (°F) ISO 306 172 (342)
Mechanical Properties Unit Test Method Metric/(English)
Tensile stress at break MPa (psi) ISO 527 34 (4,900)
Elongation at break % ISO 527 14
Young’s Modulus GPa (psi) ISO 527 4.5 (650,000)
Flexural Modulus GPa (psi) ISO 178 4.3 (620,000)
Charpy Impact Strength kJ/m² (ft.lbf/in2) ISO 179-1 7 (3.3)
Rockwell Hardness HRM ISO 2039-2 92
Barrier Properties (cast film) Unit Test Method Metric/(English)
Oxygen Transmission Rate cm³.20µm/m².day.atm ISO 14663-2 Annex C 0.3 (0.015)

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