Coating Pipeline

A pipeline coating is a cost effective and viable solution to maintain pipelines’ integrity. This coating provides a constant protective lining that helps save pipelines from the damaging effects of corrosion. Pipeline coating is one of the most reliable corrosion prevention methods used by industries today.

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Coating pipe

Coating Pipe

Coating can be used for the working temperature of Celsius steel buried pipeline or underwater pipeline facilities of external anticorrosive epoxy powder anticorrosive pipe because of its excellent adhesion with metal corrosion resistance, hardness, flexibility and impact strength, so it is the most widely used in thermosetting powder coating varieties.

Commodity Name Tubing/Drill Internal Coating Pipe SY/T0544 SY/T6717 Anti-corrosion Coating Pipe
VarietyCoating Pipe
StandardSY/T0544 SY/T6717 
GradeASTM a106b sch40
Wall thickness2.9mm~60mm
TechnologyHot Rolled