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Yttrium oxide Y2O3 is mainly used for manufacturing magnetic materials for microwave and important materials for military industry (single crystal;Yttrium iron garnet, yttrium aluminum garnet and other complex oxides) are also used as additives in optical glass, ceramic materials, high-luminance phosphors for large-screen televisions and other picture tube coatings.It is also used in manufacturing thin film capacitors and special refractory materials, as well as magnetic bubble materials for high pressure mercury lamps, lasers, storage components, etc


Chemical formula Y2O3
Specification(%) TREO≥99 Y2O3/TREO≥99.9~99.999
Molecular weight 225.81
Melting point 2410°C
Boiling point 4300°C
Water soluble Insoluble in water and base, soluble in acid.
Density 5.01g/cm3
Appearance characteristics White powder
Application Used in various fluorescent materials, high quality refractory materials, ceramic colorants, synthetic gemstone laser crystals, superconducting materials and electronic industry.

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