• API RP-5L liquid epoxy anti-corrosion coating for carbon steel tube

Almost all long-distance transmission pipelines use liquid epoxy materials as internal resistance-reducing coating because it reduces the total project cost and save power consumption. All large diameter natural gas pipelines adopt internal resistance-reducing coating.Liquid epoxy coating steel pipes are suitable for conveying underground water, gas and oil.IMRI is good at manufacturing all kinds of coating steel pipes of different sizes.


Standard API RP-5L
Processing ability OD:38mm-1620mm;WT:2mm-30mm
Length 6-14m
Packing PE/BE,plastic cap,bundling
Technique Internal coating on welded pipe or seamless pipe
Application Oil and gas field,chemical engineering,energy engineering,water transportation…
Service condition salt,alkaline or sour;underground
Place of origin China
MOQ 3 pieces
Transportation 1.Sea port:Tianjin Xingang port,Qingdao port,Shanghai Luojing port
→America,Europe,Africa,Middle East,India, Pakistan,Japan,Korea,

2.Land port:Alataw pass port(Пограничный пункт “Алашанькоу”)
Khorgos port(Пограничный пункт “Хоргос”)
→East Asia, Uzbekistan,Kazakhstan,Kyrgyzstan…(Train)
Erlianhot port→Mongolia(Train and Truck)
Manchuria port→Russia(Train and Truck)

Layer Type Dry film thickness(µm)
Type n (normal) ≥ 200
Type v (increasing) ≥ 250
Type s (special) ≥ 300
Note: The thickness of anti-corrosion layer at the welded places shall not be less than 80% of the specified thickness of the anti-corrosion layer of the pipe body.
The main performances of internal coating
Items Performance index Test method
Pinhole test Pinhole dispersion shall be held to a minimum API RP-5L
Dry film thickness 80μm
Cure test No softening, wrinking or blistering
Adhesion test No loss of adhesion
Bend test No loss of adhesion, spalling,crack
Soaking test No loss of adhesion,softening, wrinking or blistering
Stripping test Flake off,present powder particles when rolled

                                                                          Production process of liquid epoxy internal coating

API RP-5L liquid epoxy anti-corrosion coating for carbon steel tube

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