New Uses of Kaolin Powder in Agriculture

New Uses of Kaolin Powder in Agriculture

How it works ?

Kaolin is mixed with water and sprayed on crops. When the water evaporates, it forms a white protective film to control diseases and insect pests on fruit trees. This method can not only reduce the consumption of agricultural pesticides, but also promote the healthy growth of plants, improve the quality of fruits, and improved soil conditions over time. This method works not only on fruit trees, but also on vegetables and other crops in the field. After many field tests, the effect is obvious. The “particle film” produced by the spray on the surface of the plant is protective and allows sunlight to pass through, allowing photosynthesis, respiration and evaporation to take place normally.

Application examples of kaolin crop protection agent products

  1. Application in pear trees: Control of pear psyllid has become a standard control method. Pear psyllid is the most destructive pest in the garden, which can reduce yield and even cause tree death
  2. Application in apple trees: reduce sunburn damage, control leafhoppers, inhibit apple maggot, leaf roll worm, plum weill, herbaria, Lacanoa caterpillar and first-generation immature small apple borer.
  1. Application in vine: effectively inhibit pests called “killers”, including “glass wing killers” and other leafhoppers, Japanese beetles, rose-colored chafers, and herbaria, etc.
  2. Application in citrus tree: reduce sunburn and tree overheat, inhibit herbaria, andincrease crop yield.A twin-pod weevil that likes to eat citrus roots and leaves is one of Florida’s most destructive pests.
  3. Control of cotton insect pests: Kaolin particle coating may be as effective as insecticides in suppressing weevils that attack cotton plants.Laboratory and small-scale field trials have found that by spraying cotton plants weekly with a mixture of modified kaolin and water, the mineral coating drives the weedworm to forage and spawn elsewhere.
  4. Control of the Lacanoa caterpillar

New-Uses-of-Kaolin-Powder-in-AgricultureWhen spraying the leaf and fruit surface of the fruit tree with kaolin crop protection agent, some basic essentials should be mastered.

  • Thorough coverage is critical for protection.
  • It is more effective to spray in anticipation of insect outbreaks.
  • Regular air flow and hand held sprayers are preferred.
  • Reuse kaolin mulch after heavy rain and new branches and leaves.
  • Repeated spraying for young fruits is most important.
  • Wine grapes are sprayed and used two weeks before harvest until after harvest.
  • Control of GWSSD when berries are up to 5 mm in size to prevent “shooters” from entering the vines.
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