What are HDPE PE100 and PE80? What are differences between PE100 and PE80 ?

What are HDPE PE100 and PE80? What are differences between PE100 and PE80 ?


What are PE100 and PE80 resin?

PE pipes for water supply mainly include PE80 and PE100. PE80 and PE100 are named according to the value of MRS-Minimum Required Strength (MRS refers to the tensile stress intensity of the tube in circumferential direction). The MRS of PE80 reaches 8MPa. MRS of PE100 reaches 10MPa. PE80 appeared in the 1960s. PE100 appeared in the 1980s. Under the condition of 20℃, it can still maintain the minimum required strength of 10MPa even 50 years later, and has excellent resistance and slow crack growth ability.

Thus the HDPE resin used to make PE100 and PE80 pipe are known as PE100 resin and PE80 resin.

The main advantages of PE100 pipe over the PE80 include:

  • stronger pressure resistance.
  • Thinner pipe wall.Under normal operating pressure, the tube wall can be greatly thinned with PE100.
  • Higher security;
  • Higher hardness.

The PE80 pipe is widely used in small and medium calibre because of its good perturbed property and easy to coil and flatten. PE100 pipe is generally used when it is above DN150, and the current domestic product specifications are between 16-400mm.

Different properties must depend the differences between raw material of PE100 and PE80 resin, let see their comparison of technical data sheet below.

Material code MFR




Tensile strength at yield (23℃,Mpa) Elongation at break (23℃,%) Flexural Modulus ESCR (h) Application
Typical value Test method Typical value Test method Typical value Test method Typical value Test method Typical value Test method Typical value Test method
SINOPEC YEM-4803(PE80) 0.32 GB/T 3682 0.950 GB/T 1033 23.0 GB/T 1040 600 ISO 527 720 GB/T9341 1000 GB/T 1842 HDPE pipe
SINOPEC YEM-4902(PE100) 0.22 GB/T 3682 0.949 GB/T 1033 24.0 GB/T 1040 600 ISO 527 730 GB/T9341 1000 GB/T 1842 HDPE pipe


SINOPEC HDPE resin is world famous product. It has broad or bimodal distribution of molecular weight. It has strong creep resistance and good balance of rigidity and toughness. It is very durable and has low sag when being processed. Pipes produced using this resin have good strength, rigidity and impact resistance and excellent property of SCG and RCP.


HDPE pipe grade resin can be used in the production of pressure pipes, such as pressurized water pipes, fuel gas pipelines and other industrial pipes. It can also be used for making non-pressure pipes such as double-wall corrugated pipes, hollow-wall winding pipes, silicon-core pipes, agricultural irrigation pipes and aluminum plastics compound pipes. In addition, through reactive extrusion (silane cross-linking), it can be used for producing crosslinked polyethylene pipes (PEX) for supplying cold and hot water.

Package, Storage and Transportation

The resin is packaged in internally film-coated polypropylene woven bags, brown paper bags or laminated polyethylene film bags. The net weight is 25Kg/bag. The resin should be stored in a drafty, dry warehouse and away from fire and direct sunlight. It should not be piled up in the open air. During transportation, the material should not be exposed to strong sunlight or rain and should not be transported together with sand, soil, scrap metal, coal or glass. Transportation together with toxic, corrosive and flammable substance is strictly prohibited.

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