What kind of pipe is Line Pipe ?

What Kind of Pipe is Line Pipe ?

What is Line Pipe ?


Line pipe: it is pipe that takes oil, gas or water extracted out of the ground and send it to the petroleum and natural gas industry through pipelines.

Line pipe is a kind of pipe, just like PPC pipes, PPR pipes, they are all commonly advanced pipe material. Line pipe has a very good effect, especially in the transportation of carrying inflammable and explosive liquid and gas, whether from a security point of view, or from the Angle of efficiency, line pipe has an extraordinary quality. Therefore, line pipe is mainly used for the transportation of oil, natural gas and other fuels. So what are the detailed classifications of line pipes?


Types of Line Pipe

Common line pipe is mainly divided into two kinds of welded pipe and seamless pipe. Welded pipe is connected by fused welding line pipe, and in general its length of single pipe is longer than seamless pipe, thus it can satisfy the user’s mass quantity, but its stability is not as good as seamless tube. Seamless pipe are generally shorter, and cannot satisfy the consumer the use of the long distance, so consumers need to undertake both in the process of use.

In addition to the main classification, line pipe according to the level can be divided into three levels, they are the low temperature resistance line pipe, medium temperature resistance line pipe, high temperature resistant line pipe respectively. The level here is according to the high temperature resistance of line pipe’s ability, the higher the level is, the better the performance and safer the line pipe will be. In addition, there are many specifications of line pipe, which can meet the needs of consumers at different levels.


The Function of Line Pipe

Line pipe has the advantage of high temperature resistance and less loss, and the pipe material is generally so strong that can achieve durable. Because the line pipe has such a overwhelming advantage, so it is widely used in the transportation of oil, various gases and liquefied gases. Besides used in chemical industry and petroleum industry, line pipe is also widely used in heating conveying and water supply system in large factories.

In urban construction, pipeline pipe is also used as the transport carrier of gas and natural gas to provide clean, environmental friendly, efficient and energy-saving new energy for the city.


Common Standard and Steel Grade


PSL1 Line Pipe Mechanical properties
Grade Yield strength  Rt0,5 Mpa(psi) Tensile strength Rm Mpa(psi) Elongation 50mm or 2in
A25/A25P ≥175(25400) ≥310(45000) Af
A ≥210(30500) ≥335(48600) Af
B ≥245(35500) ≥415(60200) Af
X42 ≥290(42100) ≥415(60200) Af
X46 ≥320(46400) ≥435(63100) Af
X52 ≥360(52200) ≥460(66700) Af
X56 ≥390(56600) ≥490(71100) Af
X60 ≥415(60200) ≥520(75400) Af
X65 ≥450(65300) ≥535(77600) Af
X70 ≥485(70300) ≥570(82700) Af


PSL2 Line Pipe Mechanical properties
Grade Yield strength  Rt0,5 Mpa(psi) Tensile strength Rm Mpa(psi) Rt0,5/Rm Elongation 50mm or 2in
BR/BN/BQ 245(35500)-450(65300) 415(60200)-655(95000) ≤0.93 Af
X42R/X42N/X42Q 290(42100)-495(71800) ≥415(60200) ≤0.93 Af
X46N/X46Q 320(46400)-525(76100) 435(63100)-655(95000) ≤0.93 Af
X52N/X52Q 360(52200)-530(76900) 460(66700)-760(110200) ≤0.93 Af
X56N/X56Q 390(56600)-545(79000) 490(71100)-760(110200) ≤0.93 Af
X60N/X60Q 415(60200)-565(81900) 520(75400)-760(110200) ≤0.93 Af
X65Q 450(65300)-600(87000) 535(77600)-760(110200) ≤0.93 Af
X70Q 485(70300)-635(92100) 570(82700)-760(110200) ≤0.93 Af

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