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1.What is the steel casing pipe?

Casing pipe is a type of steel pipe that is typically used to enclose and surround a carrier pipe, which is installed through the center of this pipe. Steel casing pipe is most often used in underground construction projects a steel pipe used to support the walls of oil and gas wells to ensure the normal operation of the entire oil well after drilling and completion.

Besides, casing and tubing, it also includes pup joints, coupling stock, coupling material, and accessory materials.

2.The characteristic and advantage of casing pipe

Casing pipe is important to oil drilling equipment, and its main equipment includes drill, core pipe and casing, drilling collars and drilling small diameter steel pipe and so on.

Petroleum casing pipe is a pipeline system for oil extraction, transporation, and solid guarantee. It is mainly used for safe operations underground. By using casing while drilling, one can see that the hole quality is significantly higher than with conventional drilling. It can save time by altering the steps needed for the drilling process.


Casing StandardGrade
API 5CTJ55, K55, N80, L80-1,C90, R95, P110,BT110T, BT110H, Q125
API 5BJ55, K55, N80, L80-1,C90, R95, P110,BT110T, BT110H, Q125

4.Casing pipe manufacturing process

5.Quality control procedures of casing pipe

We use a strict quality monitoring system to test the raw material in the production process and test each product to ensure that each pipe meet the standard requirement. The quality control mainly include:casing diameter test, quality inspection, hydrostatic pressure test, physical and chemical analysis of casing ring and casing thread test.

6.Casing Pipe Size

Casing pipe size range: 5 1/2 to 20’’

  Length: R1, R2 R3

  Type of connections for casing: BTC, STC, LC, LTC etc

7.What is the casing pipe made up of?

Casing pipe is made up of carbon steel.

8.Spiral Welded Steel Casing Pipe

this steel pipe is a very durable and economical product that gives your project the long lasting reliability you require. The weld seam on spiral weld pipe is in a spiral around the pipe, said to be like a barberpole style. This pipe can be manufactured to meet a specific ourter diameter, wall thickness, grade, steel strength, and length.

9.Rolled and Welded Steel Casing

Rolled and welded steel casing pipe is created by rolling and welding larger diameter pipe cylinders from steel plate, and then welding those cylinders into a longer lengths as needed, This rolled and welded steel pipe type of manuacture is generally used to make large diameter steel casing pipe.


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