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Is 3Lpe anti-corrosion steel pipe 3pe anti-corrosion steel pipe

The difference between 3LPE anti-corrosion and 3PE anti-corrosion 3LPE is a coating used for anti-corrosion purposes. 3PLE is 3PE anti-corrosion, three-layer polyethylene composite structure anti-corrosion layer.

“3LPE makes the pipeline “coat” more durable”: The outer anti-corrosion layer of long-distance oil and gas pipelines is an important barrier to ensure pipeline safety. Due to the increasing demand for energy in emerging economies such as China and India, the world’s pipeline construction has entered a new round of high tide, thus promoting the development of long-distance pipeline anti-corrosion coating technology.

At present, the commonly used external anti-corrosion coatings for pipelines around the world include: petroleum asphalt (AE), coal tar enamel (CTE), fused epoxy powder (FBE), three-layer polyethylene coating (3LPE) and three-layer polypropylene Coating (3LPP) etc. From the perspective of development trends, 3LPE has already taken the lead in the competition in the international pipeline coating market, and its market share will continue to expand, while the FBE market is slowly shrinking. As an anti-corrosion coating on the outside of the pipeline, the 3LPE anti-corrosion coating has a minimum thickness requirement, so the application cost is high. At the same time, the failure of its patch also affects the safe operation of the pipeline.

Therefore, in recent years, in response to the new problems encountered in the use of pipeline coatings, coating manufacturers in various countries have improved materials on the basis of traditional FBE and 3LPE, or developed new coatings, and have achieved practical application value. Results, and gradually applied to production.


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