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how is seamless pipe made

Many people have heard of seamless steel pipes, but how are seamless steel pipes made? Today, I am going to tell you about this problem, I hope it can help you.

一、How is seamless steel pipe made?

The seamless steel pipe uses a very high-quality round steel as the main material, and then the round steel is perforated. During the perforation process, when the solid round steel becomes a hollow round steel, the principle of perforation is to use high temperature. The round steel is softened, and then all the solid parts in the middle are removed by the plug. At this time, it becomes a hollow, a hollow round steel, which is the seamless steel pipe we have seen.

二、What are the precautions for purchasing pipes

1.When purchasing pipes, we try to choose some healthy and environmentally friendly materials. First, use your nose to smell the water pipe to see if it has some meaning and pungent smell. If there is a pungent smell, it means that the pipe has infiltrated into it. Many regenerated toxic substances, some of which are derived from plastics, will cause certain harm to people when using such pipes at home.

2.Next, we need to look at the color of the pipe. The color and thickness of the pipe must be full and uniform, and the gloss should not be too bright. If it is too bright, it means that the quality of the pipe is really not very good. You should not buy it.

3.Secondly, it is necessary to check whether it has the relevant sanitation license. Every water pipe has a sanitation license. If there is no sanitation license, it cannot be used at home or in drinking water pipes. This is very dangerous. one thing.

4.Secondly, you need to see the authorized distribution book of the pipe. If the boss can’t get it, it means that there is a quality problem with the pipe.

The above is the relevant content and information about how seamless steel pipes are made, which I have summarized for you. I hope it can help you.


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