What is fusion bond epoxy /FBE coating for steel pipes?

What is fusion bond epoxy FBE coating for steel pipes?

Anti-corrosive steel pipe refers to the steel pipe which is processed by anti-corrosive technology and can effectively prevent or slow down the corrosion phenomenon caused by chemical or electrochemical reaction in the process of transportation and use.
Anti-corrosion steel pipe is mainly used in domestic petroleum, chemical, natural gas, heat, sewage treatment, water sources, bridges, steel structure and other pipeline engineering fields.Commonly used anti-corrosion coatings include 3PE coating, 3PP coating, FBE coating, polyurethane foam insulation coating, liquid epoxy coating, epoxy coal tar coating, etc.

What is fusion bonded epoxy(FBE) powder anti-corrosive coating?

Fusion bonded epoxy(FBE) powder is a kind of solid material which is transported and dispersed by air as a carrier, and applied on the surface of preheated steel products. Melting, leveling and curing form a uniform of anti-corrosion coating, which is formed under high temperature.The coating has the advantages of easy operation, no pollution, good impact ,bending resistance and high temperature resistance.Epoxy powder is a thermosetting, non-toxic coating, which forms a high molecular weight cross-linked structure coating after curing. It has excellent chemical anti-corrosion properties and high mechanical properties, especially the best wear resistance and adhesion. It is a high quality anti-corrosion coating for underground steel pipelines.

What is fusion bond epoxy /FBE coating for steel pipes?

What is fusion bond epoxy /FBE coating for steel pipes?

Classification of fused epoxy powder coatings:

1) according to the use method, it can be divided into: FBE coating inside the pipe, FBE coating outside the pipe and FBE coating inside and outside the pipe.The outer FBE coating is divided into: single layer FBE coating and double layer FBE coating(DPS coating).
2)According to the usage, it can be divided into: FBE coating for oil and natural gas pipelines, FBE coating for drinking water pipelines, FBE coating for fire fighting pipelines, coating for anti-static ventilation pipelines in coal mines,FBE coating for chemical pipelines, FBE coating for oil drill pipes,FBE coating for pipe fittings,etc.
3) according to curing conditions, it can be divided into two types: fast curing and ordinary curing.The curing condition of fast curing powder is generally 230℃/0.5~2min, which is mainly used for external spraying or three-layer anti-corrosion structure. Due to the short curing time and high production efficiency, it is suitable for assembly line operation.The curing condition of ordinary curing powder is generally more than 230℃/5min. Due to the long curing time and the good leveling of the coating, it is suitable for in-pipe spraying.

Thickness of FBE coating


Thickness of DPS(double layer FBE) coating


standard of coating

SY/T0315,CAN/CSA Z245.20,

AWWA C213,Q/CNPC38,etc


Land and underwater pipeline anticorrosion


Excellent adhesive strength

High insulation resistance


Anti-cathode stripping

Anti high temperature

Resistance to bacteria

Small cathode protection current (only1-5uA/m2)



Performance index Test method
Thermal characteristics Surface smooth,color uniform,no bubbles,cracks and holidays                                                       Visual inspection

24h or 48h cathodic disbondment (mm)



Thermal characteristics(rating of)


Cross-section porosity (rating of)

3 degree centigrade flexibility(Order specified minimum temperature+3 degree centigrade

No track

1.5J impact resistance(-30 degree centigrade)

No holiday
24h Adhesion(rating of)


Breakdown voltage(MV/m)

Mass resistivity(Ωm)


Anti-corrosion method of fusion bonded epoxy powder:

The main methods are: electrostatic spraying, thermal spraying, suction, fluidized bed, rolling coating, etc.Generally, friction electrostatic spraying method, suction method or thermal spraying method are used for coating in the pipeline.These several coating methods have a common characteristic, that is needed before spraying the workpiece preheated to a certain temperature, melt powder a contact namely, heat should be able to make the film continues to flow, further flow flat covers the whole surface of steel tube, especially in the cavity on the surface of the steel tube, and on both sides of weld molten coating into the bridge, combined closely with the coating and the steel tube, minimize pores, and curing within the prescribed time, the last water cooling solidification process termination.