In May 2019,IMRISTEEL sent its first product recommendation email to a customer (later call GCM), a powerful manufacturer of gas cylinders and accumulators in Argentina.GCM was interested in IMRISTEEL’s products. Due to the high technical requirements of the cylinder tube, IMRISTEEL had in-depth communication with GCM’s technical department and conducted several tests in the following month. GCM was very satisfied with the test results.

In July 2019, GCM placed its first order for gas cylinder tube, an unexpected 800tons.To ensure that every detail meets the GCM’s requirements, the GCM agreed to deliver the goods in two batches.In August 2019, IMRISTEEL prepared the first batch of 300tons cylinder tubes, and after testing, the customer was very satisfied with the product.In particular, the wall thickness control, the standard requirements of wall thickness tolerance 0% to +25%, our actual wall thickness control in the 0% to +18% range, the real average wall thickness is 7.7mm, beyond the customer’s expectations.This means that our products not only guarantee the safety of GCM cylinders, but also help reduce a lot cost of GCM.

In October 2019, the remaining 500tons cylinder pipe was delivered.All the gas cylinder tubes are 12m/length, the longest length of this batch of gas cylinder tubes is 12.03m, which is a difficult problem for loading 40GP. Through the efforts of the cooperative freight forwarder, we completed all the packing tasks without damaging the containers and increasing the transportation cost of GCM.

This is a perfect project, follow-up orders are being executed…

34CrMo4 Gas Cylider Tube Supply Project

User:*** Cylinder Manufacture of Argentina


Pipe Dimension:323mm*7mm*12000mm

Standard: EN 10297

Material: 34CrMo4 (Alloy Tube)

Packing:Single & 40GP

Transport:From TIANJIN Port to BUENOS AIRES by Ship

shipment:Two shipments , 30 GPs totally

Photos of  Project Details