The company began its first collaboration with Algerian customers in January 2021

After testing samples, IMRI began its first collaboration with his Algerian client in January 2021.  In addition to high quality, competitive price, and fast delivery, we also offer customized packaging on the packaging label on the packaging bag.  Even with the severe shortage of transportation space and crazy freight, we managed to deliver 100 tons of 1250 mess calcined kaolin within two weeks of receiving the customer letter of credit.  


Yes, we did.  This is a perfect project and further orders are being executed…  


Product name: calcined kaolin powder  


Mesh: 1250 mesh  


Application: paint  


Quantity: 100 tons (4 * 20GP)  


Loading port: Tianjin Port, China  


Destination port: Port of Algiers, Algeria  


Conditions of transportation: by sea  


Product pictures are as follows:  

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