In 2012, he provided SONATRACH with seamless pipe and anticorrosive steel pipe products

Founded in 1963, SONATRACH is now Africa’s largest company with 154 subsidiaries and is often referred to as Africa’s first oil “giant”.  


The IMRISTEEL team has been servicing SONATRACH since 2012 to provide seamless piping and corrosion resistant steel pipes.  The SONATRACH delegation visited the facility in April 2015 and December 2017.  The IMRISTEEL team and Baotou Steel leaders visited the Headquarters of SONATRACH in Algiers in September 2018.  


The anticorrosive steel pipes we provide are mainly used for natural gas transportation.  The pipe is coated with NFA 49-710 standard 3LPE (HDPE) on the outside and API RP 5L2 standard liquid epoxy on the inside. The combination of these two coatings has the advantage that the 3LPE coating can extend the service life of the pipe by up to 50 years. The coating on the inside of the pipe reduces transport resistance and thus improves transport efficiency.  


We have maintained good cooperation and will continue to do so.  


The drawings of the products used are as follows:  

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